The PlaneEdit

Within a relatively standard plane lies a lonely world.

The only difference between this world and so many others, including Azeroth, is that it harbors no inhabitants. No people, no beasts or birds. Its oceans and lakes hold no fish. Yet within this forlorn world, lonely exile named Dashade has found solace. He uses the lonesome plane he calls Venomheart as a hideout and base of operations for his peculiar band of pirates and their most extraordinary ship.

The Vigil OnesEdit

United by their diversity and desire for peace, the Vigil Ones travel the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, seeking to keep the treaty between the Horde and Alliance intact.

Created when Dashade became aware of the Rebellion against the Alliance, the Vigil Ones have served the Rebellion loyally since their creation. originally merely a small circle of friends seeking to aid each other, they began to find others in the Rebellion and seek out potential allies.

Dashade’s origins have always been in question, and he almost never speaks of his past before coming to Venomheart, not even to explain where he acquired his ship or the artifact that allows it to move from plane to plane. Most likely, he stole both: the ship from a dragon-worshipping cult on a remote and forgotten realm and the artifact from the ruined castle of a long-dead god. One thing is for certain - there are many powerful entities throughout the world who would like to see him swing from a gallows. His current scheme of stealing allies from the Rebellion has earned him few friends, particularly because the pirate steals them from the wealthy, the powerful, and the nobility when he can. (He will never confirm whether he does so out of true contempt for people of influence or simply because he enjoys the jest.)

Still, no one knows for certain where Dashade and his ship, Neverest, make port.

The NeverestEdit

Dashade captains Neverest. By means of the proximity generator, he can “sail” this flying ship into other planes via a powerful teleportation effect. Most often, it can be found in-between the boat to Theramore and Auberdine, but only the Vigil Ones use it.

The Proximity Generator is a powerful artifact of singular design. Created by a now dead god of travel, the proximity generator is an intelligent planar teleportation device able to move 150 tons of creatures and material with it from plane to plane.

The generator is a fickle, finicky device. Generally it chooses to befriend/imprint upon a single other creature and functions only at the behest of that friend until he or she dies or has been missing for at least a month. Right now, it has chosen to befriend first mate Arolais, the Warlock. She must coax the proximity generator to carry Neverest from location to location, using flattery, kindness, and sometimes lies to convince it to do as she requests.

The proximity generator consists of a brass pyramid, about 18 inches to a side, etched with archaic runes. From the pinnacle of the pyramid, seven thin metal rods extend forth, each supporting a different geometric shape made of a different metal: an iron sphere, a bronze cube, a silver pyramid, a gold cylinder, a platinum dodecahedron, a copper torus, and a pewter cone. The rods move in a continual complex pattern with the shapes all orbiting the large pyramid..

As their base, Dashade and his crew make use of an old hipped-roof manor house located on a rocky, windswept cliff on the shore of a vast ocean; they anchor Neverest along the clifftop. The house is a three-story structure with eight bedchambers and nine other rooms, giving the crew plenty of space. They keep the place surprisingly tidy, considering they are pirates, but that’s because Arolais forces them to. Only Dashade’s room is a constant mess.

Where the old manor came from no one knows. Despite its age, it remains in surprisingly good condition. No signs of its former owners or its builders remain. Dashade claims to have scoured much of the world and found no other evidence of intelligent life—the old manor is unique in the entire plane.

In any case, the pirates have named the place Venomheart, for the house’s only distinguishing characteristic is an abstract painting above the mantel on the main floor that resembles (more or less) a serpent biting a human heart. The name stuck, not only for the house, but for the whole plane. The pirates like it because it sounds vicious and frightening (even if the plane itself really is neither).

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