• Ivy found the Neverest; however, the Proximity Generator was not on the ship. Rumors began spreading that she was behind it, or that someone prevented the Proximity Generator from entering the realm.
  • Dashade and Aruen once had quite the lover's quarrel in Stormwind after she doubted his power. Aruen has not been seen by most since then.
  • One of Dashade's favorite pastimes is to shapeshift into a murloc and chase Zanich relentlessly around Ironforge. Apparently, Zanich has a deathly fear of murlocs and would do anything for a cookie.
  • The magnitude of Dashade's power is basically limitless. He has been known to create item, places and people, as well as stop time for no reason other than he felt like it, and rumor is that he once killed Kel'Thuzad in four seconds flat.