The following section contains spoilers! Read at your own discretion!

... or at least it will contain spoilers when I write it.

For starters, Vincent and the crew are still hunting Baron Calavera. That's book 2.

Veln is alive and well after the crew starts the war in the Holy Lands, and he's ANGRY... That's the premise of the story of book 3.

Dagriz is likewise alive and well... and also angry. He's not quite out for blood so much as building an army for his own use... to get blood LATER... Guess what? That's book four.

And book five? Calavera, Dagriz and Veln all end up in the kingdoms of Unda Vosari, they're all out for blood and they're all full of reasons to gank Vincent and his crew...

End Spoilers!
There are no further spoilers in this section.