The following is ™ Brad Norsworthy. Vincent Lorimar, Lyri Bladedancer, Dean Angelo, Malim Fayde, Alasse Coamenel, Dorilys Jelden, Janimba, Defender Bane, Baron Calavera, Veln, Dagriz Crismur, Lyrinnyian Rynlenrillir, Dashade Ashanten, Black Ivy Silverleaf, DeMunt (and all related names), Octavia (and all related names), Cederlord (and all related names), Vilio (and all related names), Cormel (and all related names), Rosnet (and all related names).

The following is © 2008 Brad Norsworthy. Unda Vosari, Unda Vosari: Legends, Unda Vosari: Travels, Unda Vosari: Crusades, Unda Vosari: Campaigns, Unda Vosari: Holy War, Unda Vosari: Origins, Unda Vosari: Tales, Unda Vosari Adventures, Unda Vosari: Forces, Unda Vosari Stories, Unda Vosari: Horizons, Unda Vosari: Aftermath, Unda Vosari Generations.

This list is by no means exhausted. This is just all that springs to mind at this time.

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